How & Where To Find The Best Pro Ana Chat Buddy

Pro Ana is a community of strong women that have decided to take destiny in their own hands and be honest with themselves about society’s standards. They have fully realized that the society’s promotion of body positivity is completely false and to be respected you need to be slim and beautiful. However, It is well documented on how this path is laden with challenges and alienation. What makes it even more challenging is that you cannot even share your struggles and your successes with your family and loved ones. There is no way they shall understand your situation nor appreciate the progress that you have made.

Pro Ana Chat Buddies
What this essentially means is that pro ana’s have no one to share their progress with and there is no one to motivate them to stay the course and be persistent until they reach their weight and figure. This lack of support from family and friends means it is necessary to have an alternative support system otherwise it is virtually impossible to succeed.

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Purpose of Pro Ana Chat Buddy Groups

The greatest objective of seeking support through some chat buddy is to ensure that the process of being an anorexic is made as risk and side effect free as possible since it can be dangerous of not followed properly. For that to open there has to an honest flow of information from both sides on how to lose weight and avoid foods and lifestyle choices that may potentially be counterproductive to the weight loss goals.

The chat buddies should be experienced and well versed in their path towards thinspiration. The chat groups can help choose the most suitable pro ana diet based on the current weight and height. There are plenty of online chat rooms where people discuss exercise and nutrition regimen extensively. Topics such as fasting are extremely important o discuss and seek guidance on since some diets such as The ABC Diet are quite restrictive and rely heavily on fasting between interval of days.

Chat groups can assist in giving guidance on how to control hunger urges that often occur suddenly and how best to deal with those urges. The role of some chat buddy is not solely advisory in nature as t a sense of camaraderie develops with both sides competing and supporting each other to lose more weight and look slimmer.

How & Where To Find Chat Buddies

There are multiple free online chat rooms where Ana’s anonymously support one another. There are Pro ana chat buddy apps where you find buddy on Social media. These apps have chat groups on Instagram,Twitter , Whatsapp and Kik messenger that are helping young women stay on track and to guide them towards a lifestyle that can help them stay slim and desirable.

The hallmark of these support groups is to inspire women and the process of inspiring them may not always be nice and sweet. Some chat buddy use ‘meanspo’ or mean inspiration which basically is a method where chat buddies or coaches give their brutal feedback on the weight and physique of the person. The method involves using strong language to let Ana’s know that their current efforts are simply not good enough and they need to do much better if they are serious about achieving their goals. The main reason for this blunt behavior is to remove complacency and bring in more urgency to their daily actions especially eating habits and the exercise regimen.

The most popular free online chat rooms are on Kik messenger where most groups exist. Similarly, there are thousands of requests on Twitter and Instagram as well where pro ana chat buddies are inviting people to join their groups and be of mutual support to each other. Chat buddies are also widely prevalent on Whatsapp as well where there are entire communities that support each other through thick and thin.

It is important to keep in mind that these communities are anonymous and privacy is the number one priority always. Each group as their own set of rules which they strictly follow and which applies to both current and impending members. Pro ana chat buddy apps where you find buddy are groups on Kik such as “Until I see stars” and “Skinspiration” just to name a few. Joining these groups require your overall physical statistics such as height, weight and body measurements. There is oftentimes an age limit as well with minimum age usually being not less than 15 years to be inducted in them. They also hold a requirement known as “ed requirement” which means you have to be anorexic for at least six months before you can join the exclusive support group.

The thing to watch out is not to trust any random group or coaches as some of them may potentially be predators looking to exploit people by taking their pictures and blackmailing them. The most vulnerable section are young teens between 13-14 years that are overweight and desperate to get help because of peer pressure from school and friends.

It is necessary to trust verified sources and people with education and proper background. Though social media has been active on clamping such predators it is your personal responsibility to be wise before sharing your personal information with a random stranger. It is important to take charge of your own life and not be completely dependent on a knight in shining armor to save you from your troubled world. Choose some chat buddy with shared goals and objectives without compromising on your privacy.

Final Verdict:

For a community that is so secluded and often times misunderstood it cannot be stressed enough how important correct guidance and support means to every Ana out there. Not only does it give them the required motivation to achieve their end goals but to always know that they are not alone in their journey. It gives them the awareness that they have people they can fall back on when they know they are on edge and about to give up on their weight loss dreams.

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